Organic Pigments

We have an expertise in manufacturing green colored pigments named as PARAFAST. The nature of the colorant is in powdered form as it has the intensity to change its color due to reflectivity of light. Our pigments will leave you in awe considering the property of dispersion with par excellence and the nature to remain intact in any kind of weather gives you the proof that this is the best beyond any doubt. Another mind blowing property it possesses is that it is resistant to UV radiation, temperature and any sort of chemical. Brilliant isn’t it?

The most amazing characteristic about this is you can make your own custom shade of pigment as per the availability and needs. Another add-on to this is its easy compatibility with all the grades of polyester resin. Having said that, PARAFAST is the hero, you would need to meet your demands of supreme quality colored pigments.

To be used and applied in all kinds of applications such as automotive parts, architectural purposes and industrial purposes, polyester buttons and sheets, PARAFAST proves to be the ideal product known to market.